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Vendor Inspection sometimes referred to as Source Inspection or Third Party Inspection

Inspection activities performed at manufacturer’s works of all types of mechanical, electrical, electronic and instrumentation equipment that are purchased by clients within the Petrochemical,

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Today Expediting is an integral part of the procurement process.

In the past, Expediting has been considered a corrective function rather than a preventive function. However, as both the schedule and the pricing of projects continue to become increasingly critical

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Engineering information and connections for the global community of engineers

Temporary spikes in demand for engineering resources — and the need to control project and/or salary costs — usually drive the need for engineering outsourcing. ENIECO can address both by delivering

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What is ENIECO?

These Services comprise Engineering Inspection of mechanical, civil and electrical equipment at the vendor’s works, complete quality control of plate and tubular steel mills, Pre-shipment Inspection for letter of credit purposes, Expediting at vendor’s works and Technical Capability Audits a total engineering solutions and technical staffing. Whether for new construction or ongoing maintenance, our inspection and expediting services give confidence that purchased equipment will arrive when required and to the specification requested by the manufacturer.